High-Risk Life Insurance

Some insurance providers are more lenient on specific health issues than others. What the above sentence means is that every insurance company determines your degree of risk and it is in the hands of the insurance underwriter.

For example, some carriers may treat your diabetes as well managed because of an evaluation that was in range.

Furthermore, other carriers might see your diabetes as unmanaged resulting in a substandard rating or table rated.

That’s why it’s very important to talk to an independent agent that is knowledgeable with impaired risk life insurance companies.

Working with Feinman, Rettig & Associates is key. Years of experience and up to date information we know which carrier will be the most affordable, and will supply you with the best product for your particular health situation.

What Do Carriers Need to Know

Always be open and fair when applying for life insurance. Do not withhold information,

BE HONEST! Keep in mind, they’ll probably demand a health examination, by which everything will be found out. You ought to be prepared to answer these questions:

  • How frequently do you go to your physician?
  • What treatments? (Including operations and medications)
  • Has your illness improved since initial identification or diagnosis?

We have experienced success with Numerous Risky life insurance, health impairments and impaired risk life insurance underwriting cases that include:

  • Health Impairments/Lifestyle Risks
  • Dangerous Occupations and Hobbies
  • Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors/Patients
  • Life insurance with Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Life insurance with Mental illness
  • Life Insurance For All Ages
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Business Life Insurance

Not All companies Are The Same-Your health qualifies you -your money pays for it

Anyone can quote you a low price, the trick is getting a policy issued at that price.

In order for that to happen we need you to engage in the process and be honest about your health. We will tell it to you straight every time, and expects the same in return. Even if you think you are perfectly healthy, you need our expertise in navigating the Insurance world.

Every Insurance Company has a different niche and even a one pound difference in weight can mean a big difference in premium. There are at least ten different factors that most of our clients never think will affect their premium, and we know how each insurance company looks at every detail.

So, when shopping for Insurance, do you want the lowest quote from an agent with little understanding of your health profile, and little chance of delivering you a policy at that rate? Or, would you rather deal with a professional who will take a little time on the front end to get you the best rate available for your specific health profile?

We are independently owned and locally operated, We work for you to find the best insurance products available for your particular needs. We want to ensure that you get to keep what you have worked hard to acquire. Asset protection is the surest way to preserve your wealth.

Not all insurance agents are the same! Choosing the right one can make a BIG difference – in price, service, and value.


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